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Friday, April 8, 2011

The biomed book and how to make one.

As a biomed parent, you have to be organized. If you aren't organized, you don't know what's going on. And if there's one thing you want to know, it's what's going on.

You must take notes. Copious notes. I've mentioned this before here. Let me say it again - take lots and lots of notes. Know what's doing what, what is doing nothing and what it interacts or works well with.  Know what your kids symptoms are for yeast, bacteria, ammonia, phenols, etc.

You don't know these things without notes.

I keep a Biomed Book. It's got dividers and tabs and all the great things that will keep your information where you want it, at your fingertips.

Here's a picture.
Doesn't look like much does it? I didn't really put any effort into making it look pretty but hey, it's not decoration, right?

Here are all the pages for my biomed book so you don't even have to make them. I created a Google docs page for this blog so all you need to do is click, go to file, download as, pick one and it's all yours to modify to your needs.  I left an example on some of the pages so you know how I used it but I'm not sure if I did that for all of them.

UPDATE:  I had a bit of a snafu.  I apologize to everyone that tried to download and had to ask permission for the files.  I've changed them all to public so you should not have to ask for anything anymore and you definitely shouldn't need to sign up for anything.  If there are any problems, please comment me.

Cover and divider pages - self explanatory

Dosing schedule - I use this as a daily reference for anyone that needs to know what to give.  Just flip to it and everything is there.

Medicine chart - This is to keep track of all the meds/supplements, costs, why, when, how, etc.  What was stopped, why it was stopped, what you plan to start soon and so on. This also has a lab quick check sheet.  There are certain labs I keep close track of and I don't want to have to go to my labs section and flip through all the labs.  It's now right there for me to scan anytime.  If I'm tracking HHV6 titers, I can just look here and see what they were for the last year and how they moved.

Phone log - Always keep track of your communications with practitioners.

UPDATE #2:  A page I neglected to upload below!

Behavior - adding/removing - Use this to keep track of behavior/changes that occur when you are adding or removing a new supp, med or therapy.

I also use sheet protectors for the dividers and in the front, I have all of our doctor's info.

Whenever you need more lines or want to delete unused lines, it's easy to do so.  If your needs are slightly different or you just think you can do it better - go for it.  The important thing is that it works for you and now you have an idea of how to do it if you didn't already.

Having a book like this will be able to help your spouse in case you're not there and will also be the how-to guide for family members should anything happen to you or your spouse.  Everything anyone needs to know about your biomed protocol is right there.

You can also keep track of all those other things I keep pestering on about, like knowing your child's symptoms, keeping track of what's doing what, what's not doing anything, what needs something else to work and so on.  You get the idea.

If you have any questions, if something doesn't make sense or you just want to know how I filled something out, drop me a comment.

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