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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A little about LDM-100

There are often a lot of LDM-100 questions and sometimes the answers aren't easy to find.  I wanted to post to you all a question and answer that was given that I thought would be able to answer a few of those in one shot.  It's a great explanation.


My son and I are both using LDM-100 for over a month now.  In myself, I have been experience sore, (feels like sandpaper) throat, and somethimes just feeling drained like I'm getting over the flu.

(Name removed) is not much different than he was before.  At first I noticed his bowel movements became very bulky but normal color, texture (sorry for the graphic).  Neither of us experienced any rash.
We are doing 10 drops, 2 times a day.   I am a little dissapointed, as I expected to see more.  He did get a slight rash when I did a high dose vitamin a protocol a few months back, and sometimes develops a rash ob his legs when we chelate.  I was really surprised that he did not develop a rash from LDM-100 as the information I have read indicates that 90% of autistic kids get a rash somewhere between day 7-9.

I can't say I've seen any changes in cognition, verbal/social skill or behavior.  


The figure of 90% was back from 2007 in our initial group using it here in WA with our Herbalist. He monitored each child (would not let some go on it till he got them to a point they could safely detox on it). We had much more control on the readiness of the child to handle the detox, then they went on a pretty standard dose (which was about 2x what you are using). We started on 5 drops 2 or 3 times a day then upped to 15-25 drops 2 or 3 times a day depending on the child, the detox was all directed by our fantastic herbalist so the detox symptoms did not get out of control. Hitting it more controlled & harder we had a higher rate of rashes giving us the 90% rate with sometimes dramatic behavior/speech jumps. Even with this some kids did not child rashed, but his improvements on it have been slow & steady...I personally know some of the children that had the dramatic jumps, but mine was not one of them. One of the reasons we did not put dosages out when developing the LDM-100 Recap and initially supporting this was because we did not want people doing that high of dosage uncontrolled because the detox reaction could be to great.

In supporting this the last few years the dosages have gone down to allow for a slower more gentle detox. This allows the detox reactions to reduce, including lowering the chance of rash as the body can better handle the toxin excretion via the normal pathways not needing to expell the excess out the skin. In the same tone the initial quick dramatic results also tapper off to a slower more gradual improvement because the killing of the organisms is less initially....this reduced detox is easier on the body itself but the organism kill is slower....therefore the gains are slower.

The other thing I wanted to point out is that the LDM-100 is not just working on viruses, in it's cycling it's working on many other things (anti-viral/anti-bacterial/anti-fungal..that covers a lot of organisms). Depending on what the persons load is it could take longer to reduce. If they have a lot like my son did, it will take longer to bring down the load....I believe that is why I've only seen slow steady progress, because I'm peeling away a deep Bartonella/Lyme/etc layer that's slower/harder to take depending on what's at your core beyond just viruses that the LDM-100 has to bring down (& for us other things had to be brought into our protocol as well to tackle the deep detox layers) could be a reason you have not seen anything in just a month. 

(SNIP)...we also run a monthly Zyto to follow the organisms not relying on behavior alone in determining our detox success...periodic labs seeing the lowering of the organisms will also benefit in determining your detox effectiveness. Personal Note: after a few month of watching the organism movement on the Zyto I've gotten pretty good at pegging his behaviors to the cycles...just like I've done with the chelation behaviors to the metals we were cycling).

Also for you, I'd very much say the fatigue & cold like symptoms are a form of detox symptoms (very common form). Here's one of the better explanations of detox symptoms I have saved in my "greatest posts" spreadsheet as I've gleaned info from the groups over the years:
Detoxification Symptoms & Causes:
Some Possible Detox Symptoms
Clogged sinus, Constipation, Cough, Diarrhea, Fatigue, Fever, Flu-like symptoms, Cold-like symptoms, Gas, Headaches, Irritability, Moodiness, Skin rash, Stomachache, etc.

Also, as we said in our documentation, rashing has never been an indicator of effectiveness....especially if starting slow. We still see improvements, just slower. As I said I did not see huge wows behaviorally in the 1st month, or the 1st few months for that matter. We've been on the LDM-100 for 3+ years now, more on than off in our pulsing (currently we're on a base of the BLt which has LDM-100 in it, sometimes adding LDM-100 to the BLt base depending on what he is detoxing through). 

My thoughts for you are (I'm NOT a doc, just a mom):
Considering that you are on about 1/2 the dosage our WA group kids were on and only a month into it
-With you showing what I'd consider detox symptoms, I'd hold till you feel better then add a few drops & watch for more detox signs.
-For your son who does not appear to be having detox symptoms, I'd add a few drops now then level off for a few days to watch for detox symptoms. In going slow to add drops to a higher detox level & adding liver supports you have actually substantially reduced your chance of rashing and are more able to control the detox while building to a full detox protocol.
Hope this helps,

And to add more to this post, please DO NOT FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ON THE BOTTLE.  It's much too high a dose, especially for children.  As this person explained in a subsequent post, the directions assume a healthy person is using it; it's for people with less organisms to detox and a healthy detox pathway.  Our kids don't generally have healthy detox pathways.

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